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March 25 - 28, 2015, Zhejiang Baokang Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. organization for the cancer family Feng Fiongqiong organized love donation activities, in the past few days, the staff have actively lend a helping hand, to this Unfortunate families offer their own a meager mind, as the saying goes: ability regardless of size, donations, regardless of how much, charity regardless. Expensive in love.

Love of the line of sight, always in the ordinary days of love to render into the warm sun, the leaves of each leaf alone, linked into a strong ship, with our loving heart, hang the sail of life, so that sailing full of laughter, Full of love. So that each of us can reach the other side of happiness!

Life is a one-way sailing; life is the vast ocean;

Love is our strong ship; happiness, is the other side of our voyage!

Bring your love, come join the love escort it!

The sun is warm because we are all smiling. Life, love more than, so that all the happy and unfortunate people feel the warmth from the heart. Let all the warmth bloom into a beautiful flower, let the mind fragrance, so hope fragrance, so that the future fragrance.

The warmth of love flows continuously and has a long history. The Chinese nation is known as the virtues of virtue and good deeds.

Through this love donation activities, reflects the staff of the unity and mutual assistance of the noble sentiment. As long as everyone gave a little love, the world will become a beautiful world, because there is love, the world will be warm. Give people roses, hand fragrance; dedication love, harvest hope. We believe that time will dilute the memory of this spring, but selfless dedication and love, people will always remember in mind.

(The picture below is the picture of everyone donation)