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They drew the distance of one thousand kilometers(Hits:) 
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What is the concept of "one thousand kilometers"?

For us

One thousand kilometers may be just a pale literal distance

And for them

One thousand kilometers

It is home to the Zhejiang Baokang hub Manufacturing Co Ltd distance

It is also the distance between the "little migratory bird" and the two living areas of the parents

In July 29th, our small migratory bird watch group led the little migratory birds across the distance of one thousand kilometers, bringing Thanksgiving Education from the school to the factory floor.

You little birds with a small group of migratory birds to protect plant

Zhejiang Baokang Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in China "fluorite village, spring city Wuyi county Wang Zhai Zhen Jiangnan Industrial Zone, attracting a large number of foreign workers to employment, the company's total number of employees accounted for county workers over 60%. Foreign workers have made great contribution to the development of the company during the summer vacation, but there is a lot of foreign workers children, also known as the influx of small birds.

You little birds visit the factory workshop

Many foreign workers in the back of a home, or even a back two or three years. Children tend to stay with their elderly parents in their hometown. This practice, for foreign workers, will be a year of efforts to keep their children will be able to solve the food and clothing, early enough to send home to elderly parents pocket, so they cherish this work.

Employees are laughing happily when the high temperature benefits are released

In a shop, a machine operation will produce heat cubujifang on the "small migratory birds" of the body, a time to make newcomers feel overwhelmed, suddenly sweat, carefully small birds found that workers' labor service has been covered with a thick layer of salt efflorescence.

The little bird listens carefully

After the safety training, the children visited the foundry, the heat treatment workshop, the spinning workshop, the machine shop, the painting workshop, the test room and the sample room. Each department has designated technical experts technology introduction for the kids, in order to make the kids have a more intuitive understanding of the staff also prepare blanks, semi-finished products and finished products are compared, a live demonstration of processing, the children of intense interest, put forward blank why is the hot issue "innocent time? "," aluminum ingots have the same melting point as ice, can reach the melting temperature, can let it become your love shape "etc.
Children's cognitive ability and understanding also make people look up to each other, and deepen the communication and mutual understanding between children and their parents.

The staff carefully explained the wheel hub production process

We led the group of small birds guarding the children to visit the sample room, a superb collection of beautiful things wheels, let the kids smelled amazing, really feel the charm of the hub, more heartfelt adoration of their parents.

Perhaps this group of children is not very understand the staff said that it may not be the parents can understand the Thanksgiving education also bear bitter hardships, but really let them know that their parenting is not easy. In the latter half of the visit, learning process, "small migratory birds" who have maintained a surprisingly quiet, they use the eyes to see, touch, and feel the work environment of parents, parents feel the hardships of work.

After the visit, the company executive vice president, general introduction of the wheel of knowledge, and interspersed with award-winning question and answer. The children are in the best of spirits, fall over each other, understand the earth kids Manufacturing Co. Ltd. of Zhejiang Baokang hub is beyond imagination, which also saw the employees of the company's great kindness. At this moment, a heart of love and love has been opened in the hearts of little migratory birds.
This practice is not only a profound gratitude education 'small birds' meaning, so that they will complain, for busy parents less is more considerate, more for our little birds guard a baptism group thought.

Through the workshop workshop Thanksgiving education, "small migratory birds" in imperceptible in the closer to the distance between parents. From school to workshop, "little migratory birds" are also learning and growing.
I wish these little migratory birds"
Happy, happy growth