Why want to change a tire?(Hits:) 
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Even though we have talked so much about this topic, but still small series here to remind you: pay attention to tire life and the state, which is closely related to safe driving.

According to the date of manufacture of the tire sidewall (four digits, the first two weeks of the number of representatives, representatives of the last two years), in general, a tire will not use more than three years, the city should not be more than 60,000 km. And according to the owner's habits, but also pay attention to the sidewall, tread wear, aging and other issues, will not enumerate here.

Now let's show you what to change tires experience four old tires. From the figure we can see that the aging of the tire is very serious, according to the owner that the car parking place on the ground for many years, very few out, usually do not pay attention to how the use of the tire.

Tread crack has been very clear that this is not only a tire on the highway traveling there is a serious risk of a puncture, usually on city roads also have hung open heart. In short, the use of such tires do not change, can be said to take their lives to save money tire.