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A written proposal, evokes the sublime human heart, promote a society "positive energy." Recently, a love rescue activities are being Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang BaoKang carried out within the full swing for the sick workers opened a channel of life. Yu is in dry HealthCare's an ordinary employee, since mid-June this year, been in poor health, medical workers advised him to go, but he has not seriously. In July this year, Yu suddenly collapsed at work in the dry, after the county People's Hospital, diagnosed as "myelodysplastic syndrome", if not immediately implemented chemotherapy, will evolve into acute myeloid leukemia.

So far, for the treatment of stem Yu has spent nearly 100,000 yuan, the family debt. "Older parents have a big family, there is an 8-year-old brother home children entered primary school first grade parents of his wife at home to take care of the child, there is no source of income, he was the only pillar, and now he fell at home to how to do? "The same company to work in a group, such as Yu sister cried, his brother a disease, the family suddenly very confusing, the already wealthy family, and now it is difficult for the organization. Yu cost of each chemotherapy in dry nearly 1.5 million, according to current conservative estimates, at least four times the initial chemotherapy.

HealthCare company understands the situation, immediately after the initiative of calling the company down to the dry Yu donations in July 18 to 23, five days to raise to 50,000 Yuyuan Shan section. Lead HealthCare donated $ 10,000 to be police-hui, chairman, said: "Our business is a big family, everyone is an integral part of a family and now the family is difficult, and how can we stand?" Paul Kang's love rescue continues, I hope the community caring people can extend your hand to help this unfortunate family through difficult times.

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