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On September 12, 2013 morning, BaoKang group subsidiaries of zhejiang BaoKang wheel manufacture co., LTD. A titled: "BaoKang 'activities on the quality of good employee recognition the establishment ceremony of the third session of the national development and reform commission staff meeting".

Group chairman of the board of directors should be p Mr Hui attended the meeting for a new session of the national development and reform commission, authorization, and the speech, he said: "the effect of a new session of the national development and reform commission, have to be able to truly for the employees to solve some practical problems, to help employees, help enterprise development, realize the maximization of the value in this, I hope platform to share with you, hope more people on the platform to achieve and accomplish our dreams!"

Company general manager Wang Jianping participated in the awards ceremony, and the monthly summary report.

This activity has four crew was awarded the honorary title of "outstanding team". Employees of workshop, more than 40 awarded "excellent staff monthly", "monthly quality pacesetter", "reasonable recommendation" and other honorary titles.

Won the first prize of the rationalization of recommendation is a slob tally man, if he is called Qian Jin, many kind called: the big ye money. Host in an interview on his site, he talked about some feelings: "I am old, but each time I see some problems, I've always wanted to, the Suggestions to the company may not be big help, but I'm telling the truth, I hope the company can hear our voice, in the company of a few years, I can do more for the company, or to thank colleagues' support and encouragement, thanks company give me the chance."

He simple answer won the applause on the spot!

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