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Brand introduction
Powcan brand Baokang Group

Powcan brand Baokang Group is a subsidiary of the company's own brand, since the establishment of Yongkang Baokang Daily Products Co., Ltd. since 1995 with Baokang spent the Spring and Autumn together. As the flagship brand of Baokang company, powcan brand was used for Baokang Group's Zhejiang Baokang Daily Products Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Baokang Cookware Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Baokang Electric Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Baokang Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Products, products, including insulation Cup, insulation pot, composite oil-free Yanguo, a kettle, aluminum alloy wheels, and other vehicles. After many years of operation, powcan brand has been the region and Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and other regions around the world recognized.

Our exported wheel brand of POWCAN and domestic brand of KE are mainly fit for SUV,MPV,Car,Pick-up and other car's aftermarket wheels.



The Flow Forming process improves the mechanical property of the rim by stretching the rim barrel, which improve grain structure of the aluminum, makes for a stronger, thinner and lighter rim barrel. The Flow Forming product is more durable and lighter than conventional casting product.

Comparison of Casting Wheels with Rotary Wheel RIM
  • Comparison of Casting Wheels with Rotary Wheel RIMCasting products
  • VS
  • Comparison of Casting Wheels with Rotary Wheel RIMSpinning products

1, cut the thickness of RIM; 2, cut the weight of about 20% to 25%; thus reducing the weight of the product, but does not affect the mechanical properties of the product;

3, when spinning, by applying pressure to the rim, changing the structure of the material to stretch the crystal so that it is close to the forged crystal;

4, after spinning the wheel, improve the mechanical properties, reduce the weight of finished products, increase the strength and improve the impact test 20%

Metallographic analysis
  • Ordinary air-cooledMetallographic analysis
  • Water cooledMetallographic analysis
  • SpinningMetallographic analysis
To sum up
  • Comparison of Casting Wheels with Rotary Wheel RIM
  • Comparison of Casting Wheels with Rotary Wheel RIM

1、(performance) spinning process and general product performance superior 20-30% (high impact strength)

2、(Lightweight) spinning process with ordinary products (weight) light about 8-15%

3、(Enhanced handling performance) lightweight wheel to make the brake more agile and sharp turn of the super brake performance, improve the speed control

4、(Lower fuel consumption) According to a test by TireR-ack, each wheel is reduced by 3 pounds and the unit fuel kilometers will increase by 5%

5、(Reduce the cost of customers to open mold) to produce a set of molds to meet the needs of different tire width, reduce the cost of customer mold development

6、(High quality) Cast water cooling + spinning process production close to forging quality, close to the price of ordinary casting, to the dealer great profit margins